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As we launch the world’s first emotional intelligence gym we have leaders, coaches and influencers reaching out to learn how they can use the F.I.R.E.S process with their colleagues, clients and communities to make a difference.

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Start asking the questions that help people feel connected

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For most of us, there has been one or two people in our life that chose to help us see the best in us.

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Don’t Just Learn…Practice

You don’t become a better runner by reading about marathons and you don’t get the benefits of meditation by simply watching a Youtube Video. In both cases, the improvement comes from the practice.

We believe the same is true for Emotional Intelligence. Only, to build those muscles, the “workouts” require other people. Improved social skills, self awareness, empathy, and motivation aren’t built in single day trainings…they’re honed in purposeful practice over time.

Brian Fretwell, author of “Experts of Our Potential,” has run Emotional Intelligence and Brain Based trainings for more than 10 years and personally delivered to over 20,000 individuals in industries as diverse as oil and gas, tech, mining, and entertainment all around the world.

He created the FIRES model, workshops, and workout sessions to help individuals that want to do more than just learn what great personal and interpersonal skills look like, they want to put in the work to make them second nature.

Just like going to the gym or sitting for a meditation, the benefits of our gym aren’t just the increased skills, but the weekly recharge you didn’t know you needed.
Join us for a “workout” and start building your listening muscles today.

Ask Better Questions

One of the primary tools we use in our FIRES Workouts are great questions. In fact, when practicing, we focus on NOT giving advice, feedback, or opinion and work on asking better questions. As outlined in this TEDx talk, the benefits of asking great questions are for both the person asking and the person answering.

Watch the TEDx seen by over 2.3 million people on the power of questions and learn what’s possible when you stop giving advice.

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Experience a Better Approach to EQ Skill Development

It starts with listening and asking really good questions. But that’s only the beginning.

The weekly FIRES Sessions are a structured, and brain-based approach to practicing having conversations that build empathy, self awareness, motivation, and social skills.

By learning to resist our impulse to give advice, to give space, and to ask really valuable questions, we can experience the value of helping someone else be heard and feel the power of being heard ourselves.

The FIRES workouts will open your eyes to your ability to influence, inspire, and engage others, because that’s exactly what you’ll be doing every week.

Change the Way You Deliver Value

Available on Amazon

For too many people, we’ve been taught that the biggest value we bring to a relationship is having the answers, giving great advice, or helping someone solve a problem.

As you’ll find in the book that started it all, there is much more value to be found in helping the other person discover their own value, and learning the art of “Educo” to assist that person in trusting themselves.

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