Building Better “FIRES”

“Feelings, Inputs, Reactions, Ethics, Strengths

Isolation and uncertainty can put everyone’s “FIRES” at risk of burning out.

With the right questions, you can help prevent someone’s flame from being extinguished…and discover the best way to consistently add fuel to your own.

Our weekly FIRES Sessions, workshops, and groups will help you and your team Find Your FIRES.

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The Origin of FIRES

In the middle of the 2008 global recession I was struggling to stay engaged, connected, and focused given all of the uncertainty, and I noticed others with the same problem.

I started meeting for coffee every week with a group of friends to discuss how we could support each other through the current trials.

Twelve years later, I published “Experts of Our Potential” a book about discovering value, and delivered my TEDx talk (left) that has been seen by over 2.3 million people both focused on the power of inquiry.

Today, with those tools, our group has refined a process for keeping each other focused on our power, engaged in meaningful pursuits, and improving our ability to keep each others fire burning each week.

In our weekly Free FIRES Sessions, we’re helping people learn to ask better questions, deepen connections, and discover opportunities to deliver value with friends, co-workers and even family.

Together, we can stay engaged, connected, and focused in any environment.

What’s a FIRES Session?

In the weekly FIRES Sessions we practice the art of asking questions that stoke the flames needed to keep us inspired. We learn to listen in a way that draws people out, and we gain clarity by answering FIRES questions ourselves.

Whether you join our free calls or you decide to become part of our growing community, your questions will add fuel to someone’s FIRES, and you answers will fuel your own.

Benefits of the Process

Improve Immediately

It’s one thing to learn about questions, to understand the neuroscience and psychology behind engagement and motivation…it’s an entirely different experience when we consistently put the concepts into practice.

We don’t just talk, we build the muscles necessary to bring the practice out to the world.

Charge Your Batteries

Most people join their first FIRES Session because they want to learn how to help others. What they experience in their own seven minute session, however, is what keeps us all coming back.

In our hectic daily lives, with all that’s going on in the world, the focus, energy, and inspiration you can get in 7 minutes may change your entire week.

Build Community

Finding the FIRES Sessions involve real people looking to have the same positive impact on their community as you are on your own.

Instead of attending another nameless webinar, FIRES Sessions are interactive, engaging, and filled with people you’ll likely want to add to your won network.

The Danger of Isolation

How do we stay connected and engaged in these anxious and isolating times?
How do we best support our colleagues, friends, and family?

Keeping the internal FIRES burning, maintaining confidence, commitment, and clarity is more important than ever.

Join our FIRES Sessions and help people build deeper connections, discover your ability to influence others, and develop clarity about your own potential that will keep your FIRES alive.

Lauren answers why learning to ask these questions is so important.

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