Don’t Just Listen, Listen for Value.

Whether it’s the most important client need, an employee’s goal busting idea, or the real issue your team members aren’t talking about.
Listening is no longer a nice to have skill companies can take for granted, it’s a core strength that will determine strategic advantage.
We’ll help you develop that advantage.


The STRONGER TOGETHER keynote presentation is delivered by published Author and Founder of PeopleStrength, Brian Fretwell.

This keynote will not only provide attendees with the insights on how to create long-lasting and impactful change within their industry. It will also get them thinking about how to build stronger connections with others at your event.

Corporate Solutions

Finding cost-effective and straightforward opportunities to build engagement and connection while learning new skills can be a challenge.

Customizing FIRE Sessions for your team or entire organization is a great way to provide consistent opportunities for people to re-engage and re-charge while improving the quality of the questions they ask.

Customized Workshops

Part brain science, part group workout, and all designed to measurably improve your teams’ ability to help your clients, and each other, build clarity quicker, create stronger engagement, and focus on action.

Listening for Value workshops are designed to move beyond helping your people understand how to use questions to find value and begin making them habits from day one.

The FIRE Sessions are helping me learn to ask my team and my family the types of questions that empower all of us to move forward. It’s an empowering and transformative process.

Charlie Vogel
CEO, Minnesota Wheat Growers