The Workouts

You can read all the books about Emotional Intelligence you want. But, to really improve, you have to practice. Specifically, you have to build the “muscles” in your brain that increase your ability to be empathetic, grateful, self aware, and measured in your response.

We’ve designed a new exercise regime that will help strengthen the connections that enable you, your team, your clients or community to realize their full potential. And, unlike other programs out there, it’s not some new trick that you goes away a couple weeks after the training, it’s a habit that becomes second nature through practice.

Every week, people from around the world join our FIRES Sessions to practice “finding” FIRES (Feelings, Influence, Resilience, Ethics, and Strengths — the sparks that help people feel alive) by asking validating, clarifying, and reinforcing questions.

Want to practice asking questions? We’d love to have you join us.

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FIRES Session Structure

Watch this If you would like to know more about the structure of a call.

The FIRES Acronym

See this video if you’re interested in what this FIRES acronym means and why we use it.


One last video on questions, and how we are focused on using them…and you should be all ready to join your first FIRES Session.